Duration of appointment

40 minutes

15 minutes

Amount you are billed



Medicare Rebate



Type of appointment

New Patient,

standard consultation

Review Patient,

standard consultation

Amount you are out of pocket





The fee structure for Dr Sarah Birks is listed below. It is based on rebates available under the Medicare Benefits Schedule as well as current market rates. We strive to keep our fees lower than those recommended by the Australian Medical Association for specialist consultations.


The amount you are billed depends on whether you are a new patient or returning for a review.


Fees may be paid via EFTPOS or Cash.



  • Health care card – please inform front desk, reduced rate will be applied.

  • Routine postop within 6 weeks – no extra charges.



Please note, not all consultations can be performed over telehealth.

Rates are $150 for a new patient appointment and $75 for a review

  • Reduced rate for COVID at-risk patients (please contact the rooms for more information)